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About UFIT

UFIT as the largest providers of personal fitness training in Dubai brings the most private and convenient way to get fit through, in-home private personal training solutions. Our experts and fitness professionals will give our esteemed participants, you, the attention they deserve and will train in the most desirable place. You are worthy, worthy of showing your healthy and fit body and we will help you achieve your physical peak.

Our Training Philosophy

Our Training Philosophy is one that focuses on the individuals, first “move right” program style. Upon meeting, a conversation will take place to get to know you. What are your hobbies, schedule, family or work commitments, sports, lifestyle and any and everyone pre-existing medical conditions? Getting to know you as a client is that the most vital part of building the trainer/client relationship!

Our Services

  • Strength and conditioning
  • Fat lose and muscle toning
  • sport rehab
  • physiotherapy
  • functional fitness
  • yoga and stretching
  • Pilates & neuropilates
  • Health coaching & nutrition
  • martial arts coaching
  • body building
  • swimming coach

UFIT Trainers

Muhammad Usman

Head Coach, Specialised in Strength & Conditioning Sports rehab, Injury prevention, fat loss & muscle toning.

Andrew Neil

Level 3 personal trainer Specialist in Strength & Conditioning, boxing, Aerobics, functional training, fat loss, muscle toning

Isaac Afedi

Qualified Level 3 in Advanced Personal Training, Specialized in Body Building, Hypertrophy, & Strength Training

Callum Jean

Qualified Level 3 in Advanced Personal Training, Specialized in Body Building, Hypertrophy, Power Lifting, Strength Training,

Abdul Rehman

Black belt in karate, Purple belt in jiu jitsu, specialist in Mix martial arts coaching, jiu jitsu, and kick boxing.


I’m a relationship consultant and believe that a relationship counselor provides a type of talk therapy that allows both parties in a relationship


I have been dedicated to understanding the most effective and efficient way to increase muscle mass and decrease body fat

Immie Adshead​

Level 3 Personal Trainer Specialist in Pilates & Neuropilates, Fat loss & muscle toning, Pre & Post Natal.

Emma Philips

Qualified Level 3 in Advanced Personal Training, Nutrition Certified, Specialized in Pilates, Yoga, Running techniques

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