Get Trained With Dubai Top Fitness Trainers at

your HomeParkFitness Center


Get Trained With Dubai
Top Fitness Trainers at your Home


Get Trained With Dubai Top Fitness Trainers at

your HomeParkFitness Center


Get Trained With Dubai
Top Fitness Trainers at your Home


About UFIT

UFIT as the largest providers of personal fitness training in Dubai brings the most private and convenient way to get fit through, in-home private personal training solutions. Our experts and fitness professionals will give our esteemed participants, you, the attention they deserve and will train in the most desirable place. You are worthy, worthy of showing your healthy and fit body and we will help you achieve your physical peak.

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Our Training Philosophy

Our Training Philosophy is one that focuses on the individuals, first “move right” program style. Upon meeting, a conversation will take place to get to know you. What are your hobbies, schedule, family or work commitments, sports, lifestyle and any and everyone pre-existing medical conditions? Getting to know you as a client is that the most vital part of building the trainer/client relationship!

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100% Money Back Guarantee

“It’s one of those things that always concerned me about the fitness industry, someone invests capital, they work with fitness pro, and it’s often rotated on them if they do not get results. The personal trainer has no accountability.

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Our Services

UFIT provides wide range of fitness services in Dubai. Our personal fitness trainers in dubai are fully qualified and are best in their niche, and they will help you achieve your goals throughout the fitness journey.

Clients Transformations

UFIT have successful record of client’s physical transformations that shows our clients hard work, discipline and commitment from our clients.

What We Offer

If you’re trying to find a one-to-one fitness experience or corporate wellness program with a highly qualified and experienced personal trainers, then look no further. UFIT Personal Trainers and Coaches will assist you to achieve your goals. we’ll confirm that our coaches fitting in together with your schedule at the locations that suit you so whether you would like to coach at your home or a gym, indoor or outdoor, morning or night, we will accommodate.


100% Guaranteed results
Train at the place of your comfort
Fully certified and licensed fitness professionals
Cost-effective / Instance Saving
Free nutrition consultation


Reduced Body Fat & Gained Lean Muscles

I was unsure of working with a Personal Trainer as my expectations were, they are more about my money and quick, cheat results. However, after explaining my lifestyle and poor diet and time management issues due to work, I decided to give it a go and I have never been happier with my decision.

not only am I more active and can see the changes in my shape and dropping waist size, my lifestyle is changing and am more positive and driven in work and my personal life, making conscious decisions on my diet and way of thinking.. and great when other people make comments!!
I would recommend Usman/UFIT every time, explaining what exercises I’m doing and why, what muscles we are working, starting on the basics of posture and making sure I’m not damaging myself on excessive weights or exercises. a True professional and a true gent!

Russel Dillon

 Back pain reduced & lost 4 inches of belt size

Hi, every I recently posted a video testimonial on UFIT social media page. Writing something shortly, I worked with UFIT trainer Usman for 6 months and had a fantastic result. I used to suffer with back pain which kept me away from sports for long time.

Training with Usman makes me feel much better, no more pain left, and I gained 5kg of muscle mass. All thanks to UFIT.

John William

Physically and mentally improvement

Finding the right trainer can become a matter of luck in Dubai. I happened to be very lucky to meet Muhamad Usman from UFIT and train with him for almost an entire year. He’s a real professional, focused, responsible and genuinely committed to his clients, very knowledgeable and a great guy to hang out with. He will surely be a great help and motivation to achieve your goals and really see results. I absolutely recommend him.

Ricardo Groenke

Lower Back Pain Fixed

Hi, I would like to share a very amazing life changing experience with all of you, and I believe this will be something of great interest and hope it will benefit you also. Almost one year ago I was suffering with a savior lower back injury, which almost restricted my form free movements, exercise and lifting weights. I meet a phenomenal personality in the field of personal training and fitness from the company UFIT Mr Usman. Highly recommended

Shahram Golken

Unhealthy to Athletic

It was a lifetime changing for me, i used to live a very undisciplined lifestyle and gained 20kg extra body fat. Started training and followed the nutrition advice from Andrew. i didn’t only lost my body fat I learned a lot which makes me a certified trainer now and I am a full time trainer and working in Germany.

Halvar Smith

Completely amazed what I achieved in 50’s

David Neil

Started a challenging 24 weeks body transformation program with Usman. Through consistent and positive feedback and encouragement, he retrained my attitude while I retrained my body. In a short time, I gained the confidence to walk into any fitness centre and lift weights, facing the mirror. Usman instilled that confidence. I completely changed my lifestyle, only in 6 months in have lost 14kg body fat and gained lean muscle mass. I would highly recommend UFIT trainers to anybody who is serious about his health and well-being.

David France


I have been training with Abdul for the last 1 year, I started training with no clue of fitness and martial arts. He trained me basics of boxing and kick boxing, which leads me to mixed martial arts. I trained 3 days / week which helped my cardio a lot and I lost 14kg of body fat and learned new combat skills. Abdul is Highly recommended.

Noah Absukum

Training hard and Training Smart, I Get to know now’

I started training with Usman 6 months ago with no knowledge of exercise. He basically teaches me from the basic movements to advance movements in 6-month time. I lost 7kg of body fat is the last 6 months, my blood pressure went down to normal, I started eating healthy, and the whole lifestyle is totally changed. I recently recorded my feedback in a video, you all will find helpful, I highly recommended Usman.

Vijay Singh

Lost 14kg of Body Fat in 4 Months

I originally started training with Andrew because I was working out a lot but not losing any weight. I was feeling lost and frustrated and looking for help. Andrew helped me realize it’s not how much you put in to your body, but what you put in, He always knew just how much to push me during our sessions and the constant variety always kept me interested and I lost 14kg in the first 4 months. All thanks to Andrew.

Sharon Phelps


Muhammad Usman

Head Coach, Specialised in Strength & Conditioning Sports rehab, Injury prevention, fat loss & muscle toning.

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Immie Adshead

Level 3 Personal Trainer Specialist in Pilates & Neuropilates, Fat loss & muscle toning, Pre & Post Natal.

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Abdul Rehman

Black belt in karate, Purple belt in jiu jitsu, specialist in Mix martial arts coaching, jiu jitsu, and kick boxing.

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Isaac Afedi

Qualified Level 3 in Advanced Personal Training, Specialized in Body Building, Hypertrophy, & Strength Training

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Callum Jean

Qualified Level 3 in Advanced Personal Training, Specialized in Body Building, Hypertrophy, Power Lifting, Strength Training,

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Jeron Canlas

Qualified ASA Level 2 swimming teacher with over 7 years of experience in swimming teaching. Specialized in kids training.

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Tim Garrett

Certified Level 3 in Advance Personal Training, Specialized in Corporate Wellness, Nutrition Group Seminars, Book Author

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Vijislav Radosvl

Certified Health Coach, specialized in helping people to reverse obesity, Diabetes, IBS allergies, and autoimmune conditions.

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Emma Philips

Qualified Level 3 in Advanced Personal Training, Nutrition Certified, Specialized in Pilates, Yoga, Running techniques, Fat Loss, Muscle Toning.

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Andrew Neil

Level 3 personal trainer Specialist in Strength & Conditioning, boxing, Aerobics, functional training, fat loss, muscle toning.

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Client’s Testimonials

Training Session Packages / Price

We offer personal trainers and packages to suit every need. Our hour-long sessions start from as little as AED 200 to AED 700.  All of our personal trainers are fully certified and have been selected because they are highly knowledgeable, experienced and WILL get you the results you want.