About Us

About UFIT

UFIT as the largest providers of personal fitness training in Dubai brings the most private and convenient way to get fit through, in-home private personal training solutions. Our experts and fitness professionals will give our esteemed participants, you, the attention they deserve and will train in the most desirable place. You are worthy, worthy of showing your healthy and fit body and we will help you achieve your physical peak.

The founder, Muhammad Usman, has his ambition of helping you achieve your fitness goals with a money-back guarantee. After the individual success in his fitness career, he partnered with hardworking and qualified personal trainers in Dubai, who are experts in their role. They are diligent and earnest in their task to help the people who are in their need.

UFIT is proud to announce that we have a team of fitness professionals in Dubai who are available 24/7 for their effort. Our team has numbers of fitness professionals including physiotherapist, female personal trainer, swimming instructor, gym trainer, corporate wellness coach, sports rehab coach, female boxing coach, running coach, martial arts coach, strength and conditioning coach, and bodybuilding coach in Dubai are renowned for helping people to achieve their goals.

Our Training Philosophy 

Our Training Philosophy is one that focuses on the individuals, first “move right” program style. Upon meeting, a conversation will take place to get to know you. What are your hobbies, schedule, family or work commitments, sports, lifestyle and any and everyone pre-existing medical conditions? Getting to know you as a client is that the most vital part of building the trainer/client relationship!

Regardless of your fitness goals, we are here to help you with the guidance you require in Exercise and Nutrition, our expertise is in personal training and Corporate wellness.

Next, simple, non-invasive assessments are going to be utilized to assess the extent of fitness and movement patterns within the client. Functional Movement Screening is the foundation of all of my programming at the UFIT. This simple 7-point screen will help us target any movement patterns that might need some correction.

Then the client will begin the method of private Training Sessions. Each session will be built to enhance performance and recovery.

Our personal training method is very simple and productive. After taking the case study we will explain to our clients about their current fitness level and what to improve in the future to achieve their fitness goals. We believe in evidence-based personal training and corporate wellness programs that have a strong standing in the industry. We utilize behavior-change approaches with all clients to ensure self-efficacy and long-term success. We value our education and continued learning. we must have knowledge and experience with new equipment or techniques before engaging in them with a client. We want our clients to know that it’s about them and their needs. We want them to feel seen, heard and respected. We will be understanding when they are having a hard day and equally support them on good days.

Personal Training Program

Achieving your goals is the highest priority for us, with this mind, our personal trainers will be changing and adapting the program as your body adapts to it. Our mission is to provide a product that will give you a newer, stronger and fitter version of yourself. We will be mapping out the time you need to achieve these goals.

Our personal training programs will utilize all modalities of training from bodyweight to resistance training techniques. Our personal trainers will add cardio programming, core stability, flexibility and mobility sessions and recovery strategies to refresh the body and mind after each personal training session.

A client who understands why, not just how they’re training a particular way, maybe a client who can understand and believe the program. We Believe a well-educated client is a client for life!