Terms & Conditions

100% Money-Back Guarantee 

“It’s one of those things that always concerned me about the fitness industry, someone invests capital, they work with fitness pro, and it’s often rotated on them if they do not get results. The personal trainer has no accountability.

Here’s how it works in UFIT, first we establish eligibility requirements. Clients must commit to working with one of ufit coaches three times a week for 90 days and must attend 85 percent of their sessions. It’s hard to assist people to improve if you cannot help them improve.

Then each new client takes five quantitative fitness measurements using initial assessment protocol. You will start your fitness journey with ufit personal trainer at the place of your comfort.

Our personal training program will bring guaranteed results and Most importantly because clients have committed to showing up, they put in the work and that’s where the money-back guarantee starts to make sense.

“We want you to attend training sessions for 90 days “Even if you are not in the mood of working out, we’ll make that day as a recovery day. if you plan to work with us for 3 months a minimum of two times a week. We guarantee you the results you want to achieve with money-back assurance.

UFIT personal training program will ensure that you will gain muscular endurance and muscular strength will gain flexibility and I’ll improve cardio fitness level in the first 3 months if you put in the work, those things will happen and that means you have met the terms of our guarantee.

And that also means seeing improvement will motivate you to stay going, keep improving…and probably start to vary you’re eating habits. The satisfaction of achieving one level of success spurs you on to reach the next level and the next and the next. Improvement creates an awesome feedback circuit that sparks further improvement.